2005_11_nesnow.jpgWhile Central Park had its rainiest October and second wettest month ever, several locations across the northeast did us one better. According to the Northeast Regional Climate Center at Cornell University, the JFK, Islip and Newark all had their rainiest month ever as did Allentown, PA and Concord, NH.

No need to think about rain for the next several days. Except for a chilly morning tomorrow we are in for a run of clear skies and warm weather. Sunday is starting to look warm-ish for the marathon. Weather.com is calling for a high of 71 degrees.

New York State Winter Weather Awareness Week continues unabated. Today's topic ice storms. Tomorrow: winter floods. More practical and pertinent for city residents the Office of Emergency Management has a number of winter weather tips and suggestions on how to prepare for the coming winter before it gets here. Despite our temporary 70 degrees in November fantasy weather, winter will be here sooner than some of us would like.

locations in the northeast that have already received snowfall graphic from NOAA