A contributor named Melissa says she was walking across 59th Street between Seventh and Broadway in Midtown today when she spotted an adorable dog, so cute that she decided to snap a picture of it to share with her sister. But Melissa, who does some freelance photography work for magazines, says that as soon as the dog's owner spotted her with her camera out, he began screaming at her. She tells us that he called her "a bitch (among other things)" and writes that his verbal assault was "a maniacal tirade so big that people passing were telling him to shut up."

After the dog owner berated her in front of about twenty other pedestrians, Melissa says he then took a picture of her and claimed that he was going to post it on the internet. Photoblog-Off! In her full account of the incident, she admits that she's not sure if she was wrong or presumptive to take a picture of someone's dog without asking. We've heard of people getting up in arms when street photographers snap shots of their kids, but are puppy photos off-limits as well?