The B61 has a lot of unhappy customers — something the NYC Transit folks are very well aware of, as they plan to split the line next year. But before the B62 takes to the streets, there will surely be more trash talk and theories dispensed by the disgruntled masses. The latest comes to us from a reader, who think IKEA's stellar facilities are to blame for the buses backup problems. He writes:

I was surprised that when leaving IKEA yesterday, four B61 buses were either parked or weren't taking passengers until I finally got on the 5th bus. Of course the bus was so late we made every stop until the following B61 finally passed us. I'm all for bus drivers getting a break, but it appears they all run into IKEA to use the bathroom and take a bit too long of a break. For a bus line this horrendous, you would think multiple drivers would know they shouldn't all break at the same time. Are IKEA's accomodations to blame?

We've contacted NYC Transit to see if they could shed some light, and we'll update if they decide to give us a comment blaming the Swedish superstore for their slow service.