In case you weren't already convinced NYC is on the cusp of becoming a Futurama-esque space city, sets of renderings have been released for a new development on 11th Avenue that, if undertaken, really will transform our fair town into a sleek-glassed civilization.

The renderings are for 514 Eleventh Ave, the site of a former Mercedes-Benz dealership on West 41st Street that will likely soon become at least one glistening residential-retail tower. The development's expected to be spearheaded by Silverstein Properties, which has planned for a massive 1,100 foot "high-rise luxury, mixed-use development." But neighbors have complained about the monstrous height, and a letter has been drafted to the Department of Planning requesting the developer scale it down.

Squabbles over scale aside, it's unclear exactly what kind of development the West Side space will become. Initially, Silverstein established a single tower would sprout up, but recent renderings courtesy of Oppenheim Architecture + Design suggest a set of towers—connected by some sort of majestic pyramid-esque walkway—will set atop a vegetated base. The future is now, and it looks like a swanky steel salad.

According to New York Yimby, these magnificent renderings are likely outdated, and we will be gifted with one sparkling tower instead of two. For now, you will have to peruse the above images to get a glimpse of the New York Of Christmas Future that could have been.