[UPDATE BELOW] Google shed its credo of "Don't be evil" long ago, and we view the unyielding encroachment of their cheery, sterile presence into our lives with fear and trepidation. But if there's one giant we wouldn't mind watch die by Google's monolithic cutlass, it's Time Warner Cable. This month, Google launched their own fiber optic internet and cable TV service, Google Fiber, in Kansas City, Missouri. Though Time Warner's CFO derisively referred to Google as "the eighth competitor, doubting they'd ever challenge their primacy, it appears that TWC is indeed concerned: reps from the company are apparently paying house calls to make sure customers are happy with their service.

That anecdote comes from a report from two analysts from BTIG (paywall) who have surveyed Google Fiber on the ground. Yes, Google obnoxiously refers to neighborhoods with the service as "Fiberhoods," and yes, their promo videos make it seem like they're bringing arsenic-free drinking water to a parched nation instead of sick videos of transformer explosions and shoe-lickers at lightening fast speeds.

But by all accounts, it is fast: 1 gigabit per second, which is around 100 times faster than Time Warner's wares. An early user calls it "super fast," while another customer tells the Kansas City Star, “Videos are much clearer and much quicker to load. Everything is much faster. If I had a website that took forever to load, it doesn’t anymore.” That internet service will cost $70/month, while the cable TV service, which has a laudable amout of channels and add-ons, and gives customers a DVR with a ton of space and an Android tablet for a remote, costs $120/month.

Perhaps best of all: Google intends on making and keeping actual appointments with customers, as opposed to promising to be there in the year 2012 or just lying to your face and not showing up at all.

We asked Google what the chances were that New York would be chosen as a test market and have yet to receive a response. As for Time Warner: Sic Semper Tyrannis.

[UPDATE] Sad news for New Yorkers who are eager to watch Time Warner brought to its knees: Google Fiber isn't coming to our town anytime soon. "We're really busy building 180 fiberhoods in Kansas City," Google Fiber spokeswoman Jenna Wandres says. "We'd love to consider other communities in the future, but right now our focus is building out more areas in Kansas City." KANSAS CITY? In the meantime, do some soul-searching and calculate how much your cable habit is costing you. Is it more than a move to Missouri?