A tipster sent us this image from today's El Diario newspaper, and wondered if, "either El Diario is breaking some awesome news, or their graphic designer deserves a little talking-to..." It made our heads turn too, so we searched around a bit, and found out that Courtney Love's ex-boyfriend is indeed not running for State Senate.

The picture in question seems to come from a Daily News article this past July, about how "little known" candidate Mark Levine has ensnared donations from many big Hollywood names, including childhood friend Norton (Levine is facing off against Assembly Adriano Espaillat for Eric Schneiderman's Senate seat in the 31st District). When you do a Google picture search for "mark levine state senate," the Norton photo is the second hit.

But it got us thinking that Norton wouldn't be the worst celebrity candidate—he does have very passionate views on politics, especially Rodney King.