While it's probably not too unbelievable that American Apparel has a certain aesthetic they like to portray to their legions of customers donning mesh v-necks, it may be more surprising to hear that... actually this isn't that surprising either. According to a Gawker tipster, Dov Charney "is demanding the firing of employees he deems unattractive and thus detrimental" to said aesthetic.

The tipster, an employee of AA, claims that Charney recently freaked out due to a dip in sales (and that big check he has to write to Woody Allen), and as such made every store send in a group photograph of the staff. The ones labeled unattractive by the head honcho were encouraged to be fired—allegedly something many managers were scared not to due lest they get fired themselves. This isn't new to the world of retail, last month an Abercrombie & Fitch employee was banished to the stock room for having a prosthetic arm.

We reached out to AA for a comment, but have yet to hear back. To be fair, it's still early on the West Coast and they probably need their beauty sleep.