0807costcouws.jpgIs Manhattan ready to buy in bulk? The NY Sun is reporting on a Costco store possibly moving in to Manhattan's Upper West Side, between 59th and 61st streets. Not everyone is embracing the idea, and local officials, labor unions and the community "may block the outlet from opening at a time when New York consumers could use the access to the lower prices available at the discount chain." One major point for the opposition is raised by City Council member Gale Brewer, who says, "I assume you need a car to go to Costco, and I thought we were promoting public transportation and bicycles and greening." Transporting the bulk items is one problem, but do most New Yorkers shopping for discount products in bulk even have room in their apartments for gigantic jars of pickles and vats of mayo? Probably not. The last attempt Costco made to move in, 8 years ago, was thwarted by the community.