2007_04_chumley.jpgChumley's, the famous former speakeasy in Greenwich Village, is in danger of collapsing. One of the building's walls at 86 Bedford Street became unstable and the FDNY was dispatched to the scene. The wall was considered to be "compromised" and apparently people were evacuated from surrounding buildings.

In Curbed's breaking coverage, tipster suspects the building may be torn down completely. There was also this comment:

I was at the CB 2 meeting about a month ago where architects representing the owners of 86 Bedford basically begged the the board to let them replace the facade immediately, claiming it was in danger of imminent collapse. The owner of Chumley's and a rent-controlled residential tenant voiced protests, claiming it was all a ruse to kick them out of their sweet leases. Looks like they were wrong.

The Department of Buildings and Con Ed are on the scene.


Someone from the scene sends us the above photo and tells us, "Chumleys has begun to fall down again. The are going to tear the building down now."

Photograph of 86 Bedford Street by wallyg on Flickr