Is the king of "sex dancing" making his final lap around the proverbial stripper poll? Earlier today, the NY Post broke a story about how Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz has given up on his mayoral aspirations, and is planning to retire from politics. “He just wants to retire when this term is up and spend more time with his wife and enjoy himself. It’s a right he’s earned,” a political insider told them. But that's not what Markowitz is saying!

Markowitz denied the report, which alleged that he had grown tired of the strains of political life and wants to spend more time with his family. He gave a statement to NY1 about the possibility of still throwing his hat into the 2013 race: "It's no secret that I have not raised money or opened a campaign account. However, I believe I would be an excellent Mayor and could bring the 'heart' back to New York City. I don't think the window has closed and I have not made a final decision."

So it seems that even if Markowitz has been complaining to loose-lipped insiders that he's a bit fed up with public office, things are still very much up in the air right now. After all, if Markowitz does retire, who will be left to stand up to Big Bike Lane? Who will fight for the right to stoop drink? Who will sing sweet sad songs to the babies of Brooklyn? And most of all, who will pay for his wife's vacations?