2005_03_tekserve.jpgThe Observer looks at the similar yet opposing philosophies of Apple and Tekserve today. With Apple encroaching on two new spaces, including one in the Flatiron district near Tekserve's store, the question becomes "Is there room for both entities in this town?" Writer Rebecca Dana explains the Tekserve essence:

Tekserve has always been a workshop and meeting place for the old generation of Macheads. The store has been doing repairs on Mac products since well before it was cool to own them. And so: When a writer from the Village finally decides to make the switch from a typewriter to a Mac, he goes to Tekserve. When an Upper West Side 13-year-old wants her first iPod mini, or a 28-year-old from Williamsburg wants to upgrade his laptop, they go to Apple...Any way you slice it, Apple’s modern store fronts and well-groomed staff will soon be siphoning business away from Mr. Lerner’s store, which doubles as an old Mac warehouse, kitsch factory, and meeting place for artists, Communists and surviving fans of the Grateful Dead.

It's a gentrification story within the niche technology sector! There's also a description of enduring the long wait at the Apple Store's Genius Bar (sometimes called the crApple Store) in relative comfort, while the waits at Tekserve were immortalized in Sex and the City.

What are your feelings about Tekserve and the Apple Store? Which do you prefer? And Gothamist pities all the PC users - there are no stores they can brag about.