One of the most interesting things about the idea of putting Jets Stadium on the West Side, as part of a larger West Side expansion plan, was the possibility of expanding the 7 subway line. Crosstown train service would be a welcome thing in Gothamist's book. However, the Times reports that the city and state disagree as to whether or not the 7 line is crucial to the development plan. Of course, the city wants the subway line, whereas the state says it doesn't need to be part of the stadium or expansion of the Javitz center, as they would like to (1) bring the LIRR to Grand Central and (2) concentrate on a 2nd Avenue subway line. The Jets are hedging their bets, saying that the subway isn't necessary, because their fans probably won't be taking the subway (traveling by the LIRR or NJ Transit instead). However, this doesn't really address the fact that Penn Station is still about four avenue blocks away.

Gothamist sides with the city: If New York is going to tear up the West Side to build it, then we might as well work on the subway. Then it might be convincing that we really believe in developing the West Side.