It's summertime in the city, whether or not the weather's caught up yet, and it's likely you are currently sitting in a freezing cold air-conditioned office. Yesterday NY1's Pat Kiernan Twittered about a USA Today graphic that claimed "2/3 of Americans say air conditioning a 'necessity'," which actually seems slightly low.

For some older folks to whom it is a necessity ("at-risk seniors"), the New York City Cooling Assistance Program is all set up, giving residents 60-years and older a chance to apply for free air conditioners here. But what about the youthful locals who may be extra-thrifty this year?

Last summer residential customers saw a 22% increase in their electric bill, bringing the average summer month total from $86 to $104. This year another rate hike was approved, however the NY Post says electric bills should be expected to go down by $4 to $9 this summer (still higher than 2007 rates). So, in this economy, will you be turning on the a/c just as much this summer?