A Brooklyn teen was arrested after allegedly stealing a turkey breast on Monday. Deon Williams was arrested after a Bedford-Stuyvesant grocery's surveillance camera caught him taking a 12-pound turkey breast and putting it into his sweat pants. An indignant cashier at the Fine Fare Grocery yelled to the butcher, "He's got a big turkey in his pants!" So butcher Serigo Marte gave chase.

The Post reports that Marte yelled at the 19-year-old, "You have something in your pants!" Williams replied, "I'll give it to you -- don't touch me!" Marte said he didn't want to touch him—he just wanted the turkey. "Williams dumped it on the street, and when Marte bent over to pick it up, the teen clocked him in the jaw, the butcher said. 'He swung at me, and then he ran,' the 42-year-old butcher said, showing off a still-swollen cheek." The store also shared video of the turkey breast-swipe:

The grocery's owner said, "We know this guy. He had two friends with him. I believe they were learning from him. Even though customers were there, he did it right in front of them." Williams is due in court on November 15 to face charges of robbery, petit larceny and criminal possession of the stolen poultry. He has a previous arrest for trying to steal Red Bull from a bodega.

And the turkey breast? It went back into the deli display for sale.