There is something fishy with 311's web portal and Manhattan Borough President (and mayoral hopeful) Scott Stringer is pissed. Later today Stringer will be giving a press conference to bemoan the fact that dozens of pothole complaints his office put into 311's website seemed to have disappeared without the potholes ever being fixed. "If the complaint line is losing complaints, it's not doing taxpayers much good," Stringer says. "The complaints are just gone, as if they never existed."

Since Blizzageddon last winter Stringer's office says it has been tracking hundreds of potholes around Manhattan and submitting them to 311. Their complaints made on the phone were nearly all handled properly but the complaints made online? Not so much. When the office called to find out what happened 311 operators told them that no such complaints existed.

"Is the technology really working to benefit the taxpayers who have invested hundreds of millions to outside contracts?" Stringer wondered to the News yesterday. Stringer is calling on the city's Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications, which manages 311, to question the system's contractor, Accenture, about the missing pothole complaints.

However the city itself denies there is a problem. "Despite the borough president's claims," a spokesman said, "pothole complaints can be, and are, quickly and easily lodged every day using 311Online—period."