Could it be that the city would really attempt to bring the Olympics to NYC for 2016? Gothamist supposes that means the city has about 2 years to find another site to put a huge stadium on, so politicians, community groups, and everyday Joes and Janes can complain about it. We suggest somewhere slightly more innocuous but still controversial - like Inwood or something. Roland Betts, who had a hand in the city's bid (and he's owner of Chelsea Piers, told the Yale Daily News (college papers get such good scoops!), "We are still giving serious thought to bidding for the games in 2016 for New York, so it's important to keep touching the IOC [International Olympic Committee] bases," as he heads to Turin for the 2006 Winter Olympics. Hmm, this might be news to Mayor Bloomberg - and the city of Chicago. And pundits doubt a city would be able to win after the bad showing NYC made last year, before the announcement of London as the Olympic city.

Gothamist hopes that if the city is optimistic enough to go for the Olympics again that the logo is better and that Mr. Met is more involved in grassroots outreach.