Well, sadly, this wasn't much of a surprise: The attempted shooting of 50 Cent at Hot 97 was apparently masterminded by Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff and Murder Inc. because of various rivalries. Sigh. The IRS had been investigating McGriff, variously described as a "reputed gangster" and "alleged druglord", and Murder Inc. for their finances and now feel that that they are "involved in an ongoing plot to kill 50 Cent." And the IRS was involved because they were actually investigating Murder Inc. heads Irving and Chris Lorenzo, who are on trial for allegedly laundering McGriff's drug mone. Or something like that. And it also seems that McGriff might have had beloved Jam Master Jay killed in 2002 because of his ties to 50 Cent! This was almost easier to understand when the police thought that last March's shooting was really about the beef between 50 and The Game.

The Smoking Gun has the IRS documents about the 50 Cent surveillance by McGriff and associates. Newsday looks at what the Murder Inc. money laundering case means for whether or not pager messages should get privacy protection in cases.