If there's a reason that Irene somehow failed to live up to the hype, perhaps it's because she was just too damn relaxed. Reader Bryan B sends us these photos of detritus washed ashore at Stuyvesant Cove Park this morning, and as he points out, "Apparently she was kinda lonely as evinced by the dildo among the debris." Hey now Bryan: a self-respecting low pressure storm system need not be "lonely" to have a little fun. Presumably she was using it to get off while watching the closure of the MTA: "Ohhh YEAH, you SEND those trains and buses back to their depots. TELL me how long it's gonna take for you to get to work tomorrow!"

For those who mourn the 99-year-old "Vagina Tree" that was knocked down by the wind, you shall weep no more. This gently-used sex toy from the heavens will be our new genital-resembling monument that we can rally around (Sorry Empire State Building—you're too obvious). No word on whether Irene made a stop at Babeland before leaving.