Okay, fine... Gothamist didn't want to equate iPods to colorful leather jackets, because it was more funny in a punchline sort of way, but the many stories of iPod thefts have made it clear: iPods are the new eight-ball jackets, like it or not. Last nightat around 8PM, a group of six to ten teenagers apparently beat up a man walking around 108th Street and East Drive in Central Park, taking his iPod. While Gothamist is glad that the man was not harmed badly (he didn't require medical assistance at the scene), we're kind of surprised it took that many teens to take the iPod. Were the teens marauding through the Park to pick up as many tech devices as possible? Watch out for your PSPs, folks!

Gothamist on how New Yorkers are unfazed by iPod thefts.

Image from WABC's Eyewitness News