2008_10_iphon.jpgNYC the Blog details a mugging on 145h Street in Harlem. When a man was leaving the subway station, one person grabbed his iPhone, a second assailant tried to steal his wallet, and a third punched him and punched him again when he was lying on the ground. Luckily, a passer-by yelled, called the police (the perps fled) and helped the victim. The passer-by also asked, "I thought this area was getting better?" but the cop responded, "No. And unfortunately, this tends to happen a lot, and often they will pick on people who look like they don't live in the neighborhood." The cop also mentioned a man, who had been mugged three times, called the precinct to ask for the police to escort him since he's so scared: "The officer responded slightly sheepishly, 'we don't do that,' suggesting instead that 'he move out of the neighborhood.'"