Today is the big day! Apple's latest shiny new bauble, the iPhone 5, is being released into the wilds! And though the tech press may have poo-poo'd it and the new map software might have some notable issues, the people don't seem to care one bit! Once again NYC (and the world) is seeing epic lines wrapping around the blocks near Apple's retail operations. Clearly the line at Fifth Avenue is not just a bunch of Wall Street Occupiers! Just look at it keep going and going and going:

In New York, the Fifth Avenue line, which started at the beginning of the week, has gotten the most press and been the most populated (the line in SoHo only started yesterday at 7 a.m.) but all of the city's stores appear to have had healthy lines since yesterday. And those die hard fans desperate for a slightly bigger, slightly lighter iPhone have not gone unnoticed. The NYPD has been out in force registering phones in an effort to prevent future Apple-picking—even Hipster Cop has been on the scene in SoHo this morning!

But now that the stores are starting to sell those cleverly engineered marvels, what now? Not everyone on those lines really needs, or even wants, one of them—right? Exactly. Do remember that Apple already sold 2 million of the phones in less than 24 hours of online presales. In Hong Kong there are already reports of people immediately reselling their phones and lookie here: you can buy a new iPhone 5 on Craigslist right now for $850 if you want. Just $710 if you turn to eBay.

So! Were you on line? How was the wait? How's your new toy? Does it fill that terrifying void that gnaws at the subconscious edges of your carefully-contrived consumerist personality?