Who says there are no jobs out there? Despite the moribund economy, there are still plenty of opportunities for an ambitious young man or woman to make a buck waiting on line to purchase the latest gadget coveted by the technology-obsessed elites. College student Amanda Foote is a poster child for our new economy: She just made a cool $900 by selling her spot on line to buy the new iPad 2 at Apple’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue. That money will surely help her buy some textbooks or cover the rent... or, as she puts it, get some Lady Gaga tickets. And she's not the only entrepreneur on line.

According to this Craigslist post, another professional line waiter is selling "a great spot" at the apple store in SoHo: "Sure to get the iPad 2. I am selling my place in line right now. Get back to me with serious offers. A spot behind me sold for 700$. Email me for immediate response." Foote sold her spot to one Hazem Sayed, who told Mashable he was easily parted with his money because he's leaving for a business trip tonight and wants to have an iPad 2 with him. We can relate—we're headed home this evening and hope the newspaper box outside the subway entrance has a dry copy of The Onion in it.

The iPad 2 goes on sale at Apple stores, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart at 5:00 p.m. tonight and starts at $499. According to BGR, some hopeful consumers at Apple's flagship store have been waiting on line for days, others since only 5 a.m. this morning. There are lines outside all the Apple locations at this hour (though only about 50 on the UWS!), and before you rush to judgment, it's worth noting that if you don't wait on line, it may take weeks to get the iPad 2 if you order it over the Internet. Are you prepared to wait weeks while those around you are already savoring a more soulful, enriching existence? As Sean Connery put it in The Rock, losers whine about doing their best, winners go home and [expletive] their iPad 2. Why, check out these winners!