A woman was attacked in Inwood Park as she jogged on Sunday morning. The Post reports that the attack occured "not far" from where the body of 21 year old student Sarah Fox was found in May 2004. The woman had been jogging at 8:30AM, at 217th and Seaman Avenue, when a man "grabbed her around the neck from behind and rubbed something that smelled like Vicks Vap-o-Rub into her eyes." After a struggle, the woman cried and another jogger came by, which made the attacker run away. The Post points out this runner was wearing headphones, as Fox had, and neighborhood women say they never go into the park alone. If you jog, have a jogging buddy or jog where there are others around. It is hard when you live a little further out, but be safe - here's a Google search of "jogging safety tips."

The murdered body of Ellis Romero was found in Inwood Park last fall, though it's unclear whether or not there was a connection to Fox's murder. The police do not believe this recent attack and Fox's crime are connected.