Remember the story about the woman who got branded by a hot manhole cover last summer? Well, Liz Wallenberg is back in the news as she is going ahead with suing Con Ed. Wallenberg had fallen off her skateboard at 2nd Avenue and 13th Street last August, and then realized her skin was sizzling as her back was branded with the manhole's design and lettering. The Post reports she claims "the power company's 'negligence, carelessness [and] recklessness' is to blame for the defective cover, which seared into her skin and scarred her for life." Nice pun, Post. Since it's just under a year since the incident, Gothamist wonders if tattoo has faded considerably - we thought she'd have a suit filed two minutes after seeing what it looked like!

NY magazine on manholes as an urban menace.

Photograph of Wallenberg's back in 2004 by the NY Post