An investment banker was hospitalized after jumping out of his 7th floor UES apartment yesterday, having decided to end it all following an ongoing dispute with his co-op board over his family's dogs, the Post reports.

47-year-old Adam Silberman was transported to Cornell Medical Center around 10:18 a.m., having survived the fall thanks to a fortuitously located awning on the second floor. According to the tabloid, his leap from the window was prompted by neighbor's complaints about his three French poodles, Prince Polo, Princess Jasmine and Prince Bonbon, and an ensuing scuffle with his 5th Avenue apartment's co-op board.

The Post also notes that "crack paraphernalia" had also been found in the apartment, which he shares with his wife, Monique Ender Silberman. Additionally, the last sentence of the story breezily mentions the $650,000 in state and federal tax liens the two have accrued over the past five years.

But, no. It was definitely about the dogs.