While no arrests have been made yet, more details have emerged on the Inspector General's Wednesday raid on the State Liquor Authority's Harlem office, where some two dozen employees control 65 percent of the state’s operating licenses and permits for bars, restaurants and liquor stores in NYC, Long Island and Westchester County. Police sources say employees would not only accept cash bribes in exchange for expedited license processing, but also bottles of booze, and gift cards for meals and clothes—some payoffs even included Applebee's gift cards. Stay classy, SLA.

Investigators searched at least one employee's home on Wednesday: Maria Nunez of Rockland County. Speaking to the Daily News outside her house, she said, "If you look at my car, it's not a brand new fancy car. If you come in my home, it's simple." (Oh, but if you go with her to Applebee's, you'll dine like royalty!) One law enforcement source tells the News, "Everyone's hand was out. It was standard operating procedure to get a little something. People felt they were low-paid, and so they were entitled."

Some liquor license applicants report waits of almost a year for processing, while others managed to receive licensing withing two weeks. Investigators say "handlers" would steer applications to bribe-friendly employees, who would then push the application to the top of the deck. According to the AP, the agency's computer database lacked security, so any corrupt Applebee's-lover could log on and process applications. Investigators also say that some licenses were given without required criminal background or proof of citizenship checks. And the Times reminds everyone that this isn't the first time the SLA's been mired in corruption.