It's been a while since we've checked in on the case of the suspected "Kayak Killer," the Orange County woman accused of killing her fiancé during a kayaking trip on the Hudson River last year. Angelika Graswald, 35, has been charged with second-degree murder, and though she's denied the charges, an investigator says she admitted to pulling the plug on her fiancé's kayak, causing his death.

Graswald has been accused of removing the plug from fiancé Vincent Viafore’s kayak and pushing his paddle away from him in April 2015, causing the kayak to capsize. Viafore ultimately drowned, and Graswald has been held without bail since her arrest soon after. Investigators say Graswald has made inconsistent statements and in September, investigators claimed she confessed to the crime on video; still, she has pleaded not guilty, and her attorneys claim Viafore's death was an accident.

At a hearing yesterday, though, state police senior investigator Aniello Moscato testified that Graswald told another investigator, Don DeQuarto, that she did indeed compromise Viafore's kayak. Moscato was one of the initial investigators who responded to the scene—he testified that though he initially "felt for" Graswald when he first encountered her, that changed about 9 days after Viafore disappeared, when Graswald spoke to DeQuarto alone. According to ABC News, Graswald told DeQuarto that she had removed the plug on Viafore's kayak.

Another officer, Stephen Pedetti, testified that Graswald was "emotionless" after Viafore disappeared, though Moscato testified she was "happy go lucky" after she allegedly confessed to DeQuarto.

The hearing continues today.