New York City’s police oversight agency, the Civilian Complaint Review Board, is investigating a caught-on-video incident in which a police SUV’s driver repeatedly jerks toward a moped driver in highway traffic, according to a CCRB spokesperson.

An NYPD spokesperson said the incident is also under internal police review.

The 39-second video, which was posted to Reddit on Wednesday and was shot from a car traveling immediately behind the vehicles, begins with the NYPD vehicle riding close to a moped that’s up against the center median on the Van Wyck Expressway in Queens. The driver of the moped then moves over two lanes, but the police SUV cuts in front.

“Look at this guy — look at him!” says an unnamed woman in the video.

Next, the moped driver pulls back into the left lane, at which point the SUV's driver jerks toward the moped, forcing the moped driver to swerve precipitously close to the concrete divider.

“Oh my God, he’s trying to hit him!” the woman on the video says. She instructs a companion to call 311.

The moped driver is finally able to pull off the highway at Exit 12A, but not before the SUV driver jerks the vehicle toward the moped again, nearly colliding with it.

The NYPD vehicle’s siren lights were not activated during the incident.