The tragic death of NYPD police officer Patrick Luca, who apparently drowned while kayaking with his son in Long Island's Nissequogue River, is being investigated by Suffolk County's homicide squad. Luca and his five-year-old son had set off for a day of kayaking on Friday around 1:30 p.m.; an hour later, little Caden Luca was found by boaters, floating thanks to his flotation vest, but Luca's body wasn't found until Saturday morning.

Coast Guard spokesman Mark Averill said, "All we know is what the son told us. A boat came by and the boat's wake knocked them over," but Averill added that there was no evidence of another boat (Luca's inflatable kayak had not capsized) and said the area where the father and son were kayaking was dangerous, "You could step forward and the water will go from four feet deep to suddenly being over your head, and the current will take you right out." And one of the boaters who found Caden Luca, Ted Sandomenico, told the Daily News, "It's fortunate we were there. He was frightened. He had been out on the water by himself. He was shaking."

Luca, who was a 21-year veteran of the NYPD and was involved in recruiting new police officers, was not wearing a life vest but reportedly could swim. Funeral arrangements will be announced after the ME's office finishes the autopsy.