A cause of death has not yet been determined for the fetus found in the toilet of an American Airlines plane that landed at Laguardia Airport earlier this week. The mother is reportedly an 18-year-old from Brooklyn, who either miscarried or had a "botched abortion."

Police sources tell the NY Post that after Flight 1942 landed and all the passengers had deplaned, the young woman and her twin sister rushed to the bathroom, with the sister telling flight attendants it was an emergency. The sister reportedly waited outside the door to the lavatory, and the young woman "looked ill" when she emerged, a flight attendant later said, according to the Post's sources.

A cleaning crew found the fetus in the toilet on Tuesday morning. The fetus may have been around five to six months old.

The teen went to Kings County Hospital after landing, and doctors there "told investigators it was possible the baby’s death could be the result of a 'botched abortion,'" the Daily News reports. The Post adds that their sources believe she had the abortion in Jamaica, before flying back to New York, with a connection in a Charlotte.

The teen's grandmother told the Post, "She is a good girl. She panicked. Thank God her sister was there to help her."