Last night an unidentified 40-year-old woman died from head trauma sustained during a collision with an SUV Ford Explorer in Fort Greene around 5:30 p.m. Witnesses say she was heading west on DeKalb Avenue and making a right turn on Clinton Avenue when the SUV ran the red light heading north on Clinton. Initial accounts suggested that the driver was an undercover detective with the NYPD, and that the vehicle was equipped with police lights.

The NYPD press office tells us there was no criminality involved and the driver, who has not been identified, is definitely not NYPD. According to witnesses who were crossing the street, they tried to stop the woman, but she had earphones on, and hit the side of the Explorer head first. She was pronounced dead at Woodhill Hospital.

Fort Greene Council Member Letitia James is calling for an investigation into the incident, and has released a statement saying, "The individual driving the SUV has been neither identified nor placed under arrest by the NYPD. Additionally, it is believed that the driver is currently a member of a federal law enforcement agency. It is unclear whether this individual was traveling at the time in an official capacity...The NYPD must investigate the circumstances of this incident, and communicate openly with the victim's family, my office, and the community at large."