2006_06_vito.jpgThe NY State Democratic party wants a federal investigation into the campaign finances of Congressman Vito Fossella. Since Sunday, the Daily News has been looking at some questionable activities the Staten Island Republican participated in - namely:

- Using over $25,000 in donor money for a family vacation in Vail, spending hundreds of dollars on railroad rides and lift tickets; Fosella's spokeman says, "That's considered part of the fund-raiser. It was a skiing fund-raiser. You can mock and be cynical about it, but that's what it takes to make these events successful." But then there was a ski school expense.
- Taking a chartered jet to Florida; the jet is owned by a Staten Island businessman who employs Fossella's father
- Taking his family on a trip to Palm Springs; Fossella said it was a "telecom issues" fact finding trip
- Going to La Hague in France for a "fact-finding trip" - no word on who paid

Fossella has apparently "amended 18 campaign-disclosure forms" and fired the accountant since the investigation by the News. He is the only Republican from NYC in Congress.

Fossella, who represents SI and Brooklyn, sits on the Energy and Commerce and Financial Services Committees in the House.