2006_11_intrepidconcorde.jpgThe Intrepid Air & Space Museum will be moved from its Manhattan pier to Bayonne for repair work tomorrow. Well, it'll head to Jersey if it can even move. The Daily News reports that even though more than "16,000 cubic yards of mud have been dredged from the Hudson and 500 tons of water released from the ballast tanks to lift the ship just 2 feet off the Hudson floor," one part of the aircraft carrier is still stuck in silt.

Though tomorrow's high tide will give another 2 feet of room for the vessel to float, the towing company is still bringing in extra tugboats just to make sure they can move the vessel. And at last glance, no one has offered $100,000 to be on the Intrepid tomorrow.

And the Concorde, which has been displayed on the Intrepid for the past few years, will be parked near the new Floyd Bennett Field recreation center. According to the NY Times, the center's operators hope to move the plane into a hangar and that the plane will attract visitors. The Times also has a quote from Representative Anthony Weiner, who was anti-Concorde due to the jet's sonic booms that bothered his parts of Queens and Brooklyn: “So long as they don’t want to fly it into Floyd Bennett Field, I’m cool with it. I’ll have a lot of constituents who want to go see it, just like there were lots of people eager to see King Kong after he’d fallen off the Empire State Building.”

Aerial photograph of the Intrepid by seth holladay on Flickr