Ooh - the Daily News reports that the Intrepid is auctioning off a special day for six guests to be on the aircraft carrier when it leaves its Manhattan dock and goes somewhere (more on that later) on November 6. It's a crazy trip that includes breakfast with Senator Clinton, former mayors Ed Koch and David Dinkins and other dignitaries and taking a helicopter ride off the deck when it passes the Statue of Liberty! They'll meet different veterans who served on the Intrepid and get a gift bag of wood from the flight deck and Intrepid apparel.

The catch? The minimum bid for the six-person experience is $100,000. Yikes! But here's the eBay listing.

As for where the Intrepid will be docked while it's repaired is now unknown. It turns out the pier in Bayonne where the Intrepid was supposed to go has crumbled. All we're going to say is that it's better they found out now before taking the 27,000 ton carrier there.

Photograph of the Conorde at the Intrepid from merlinsclaw on Flickr