The poor Intrepid. Months of planning (not to mention $250,000) were put into planning yesterday's move from Pier 86 on the West Side of Manhattan to Bayonne, NJ, where the aircraft carrier would be repaired and repainted. Former Navy officers who originally served on the Intrepid, as well as Senator Hillary Clinton and former Mayor Ed Koch and David Dinkins, were invited for the farewell ceremony. But the Intrepid only moved 15 feet before the tugboats gave up trying to pull her (one operator said, “I can’t think of anything else, except maybe dynamite").

The NY Times says the Intrepid's president Bill White "called the Navy and the Pentagon for help and ordered a team of divers to take a close look at what was gripping the four propellers of the 920-foot ship." Something other than many, many years of loving, Hudson River silt and mud?

It's doubtful the vessel will be moved before the next high tide, which is on December 8. One idea may be that the Intrepid is repaired at Pier 86. The Intrepid's chairman Arnold Fisher said, "Today we saw that we aren't ready to move her, but we also aren't ready to sink her."


Photographs of tugboats pulling the Intrepid and of former Mayor Ed Koch waiting during the farewell ceremony by Jason DeCrow/AP