Reader Njoki (whom some of you may remember from Eugene Mirman's music quiz during Laughable Hype) let us know she had some photographs of the Intrepid today. And it was for a special event - a swearing-in of new American citizens, with special guest Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez (maybe not so much "woo!" but still interesting that he made it up here). What a day to be worn in on the Intrepid, as immmigration and the Intrepid are in the news.

Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg testified about immigration before the Senate (in Philadelphia) to make the case for letting immigrants already in the U.S. to be made citizens. He said, "New York City alone is home to more than three million immigrants, who make up nearly 40 percent of our entire population. About 500,000 came to our City - and continue to come - illegally. And let's be honest: they arrive for a good reason - they want a better life for themselves and their families, and our businesses need them and hire them!"

And the Intrepid is headed to NJ and Staten Island for repairs. It's hoped the aircraft carrier will be back for Fleet Week in 2008; we wonder what will happen for next year's Fleet Week - maybe they'll bring in a new carrier!

Congratulations, Njoki, and to all of the new American citizens out there. And the Intrepid is open until October 1 - if you haven't been, it's very fun.

Thumbnail photographs from Njoki on Flickr