2007_04_intrepid.jpgAfter the U.S.S. Intrepid was towed (and stuck in the mud for a spell) late last year for much-needed repairs, Manhattan's west side waterfront hasn't been the same. So we welcomed this story about the Intrepid heading to land in Bayonne, NJ for the next phase of its repairs.

This will be the first time the aircraft carrier has been on dry land in over 30 years, and the president of the Intrepid Air, Sea & Space Museum Bill White says, "We’re going to give it an extreme makeover, of sorts, cleaning it, repairing it and fixing it up." We'd love to see that show!

What's cool is that the plans for the dry dock work were bought on eBay for $13. Newsday reports that the plans were from a 1969 Intrepid move to dry land for hull repair! The propellers are going to be removed and replaced, with two of them going on sale to the public (each are 30-tons). And after the hull is painted and patched, the Intrepid will go to Staten Island for interior work.