It turns out that yesterday's successful attempt to free the U.S.S. Intrepid from being mired in Hudson River mud was momentarily in doubt. The tugboats initially managed to move the 29,000 ton aircraft carrier ten feet, but then it stopped. The NY Times reports that towing pilot for McAllister Towing, Jeffrey McAllister "urged tugboat pilots to try to 'wiggle' the hull to break the grip of the mud" which worked. McAllister, though, said, "If we had one less horsepower with us today, we’d still be sitting back there scratching our heads." One tugboat crew member told Newsday, "I'm glad because I'm tired of getting calls about, 'Hey, stuck in the mud.'"

The World War II aircraft carrier turned museum unfurled its huge American flag when it stopped by Ground Zero. The Intrepid will be in Bayonne, NJ for about two years of repairs and then return to a repaired Pier 86 on the West Side. You'll be able to see ongoing repair work at the pier via the Earthcam.

Photograph of the U.S.S. Intrepid headed to NJ by Brian Van on Flickr