An NYPD officer is currently under investigation after allegedly kicking in the door of a Nashville home, then shouting the n-word while repeatedly threatening the black family that lived there.

In surveillance footage of the incident obtained by ABC, a visibly drunk man can be heard taunting, "Try to shoot me, I'll break every bone in your f---ing neck. You f---ing n-----." The man has since been identified by the station as Officer Michael Reynolds of Manhattan North.

According to a Nashville police report shared with Gothamist, the suspect is a white male with blue eyes and blond hair buzzed on the sides and slicked back. Witnesses told police that he was "heavily intoxicated and most likely just walked into the wrong house." He is believed to have been staying at an Airbnb next door.

The drunken break-in happened at 2:30 a.m. on July 9th, and reportedly traumatized the family. "You heard the big boom and that was my door getting kicked in," Conese Halliburton, who lives at the property with her four sons, told local news station WKRN. "My sons were trying to stop him and he's like, 'This is my motherf---ing house, this is my house!' He kept repeating it."

"I'm working on no sleep," Halliburton added. "I have nightmares. My kids are having nightmares."

She says she told cops where the attacker was staying, but they didn't investigate. The next day, Halliburton confronted a group outside the Airbnb. In surveillance footage from that conversation, the man can be heard admitting, "I thought it was this house."

While the incident report indicated that the family wanted the individual prosecuted for trespassing, a spokesperson for the Nashville police department said that no charges have been filed. The spokesperson did note that the suspect traveled back to Nashville from New York earlier this month for questioning.

An NYPD spokesperson said that an investigation was open and on-going, but did not respond to follow-up questions about the officer's identity, or whether he's been placed on modified duty.