After years of trying to figure out a plan, New York is sending the best of the best to find a cheap way to get cell phone service while we ride the subways: Interns! Seven summer interns from City College and Columbia University will be teaming up with communication networks professor Umit Uyar to find a way to provide cell service underground that's "less expensive and quicker to implement" than everything the MTA has come up with so far. In this case, "less expensive" means for $30,000.

The interns are also expected to create a wireless credit card payment system on the city's buses. And though comprehensive service is the goal, MTA CEO Jay Walder said in April, "If it has 80 percent of the features and it costs 10 percent of the money, I’ll take it." So how long after their idea goes into service do we add "No Talking on Cellphones" to the subway etiquette rules?