Some of our fondest moments at University occurred while we were reading College Magazine. What? You've never heard of it? Dude, they taught us that girls totally don't like unshaven faces (except when they do?) and that guys should just put themselves "out there," and that wouldn't it be cool if girls emitted a pheromone that told us they wanted to do it? Now, their exhaustive list of the most Hipster Campuses is out, and congratulations NYU, FIT, and Parsons! Better luck next year, West Point.

NYU is #1, because as CM puts it, the city itself "offers their students…the world" (emphasis theirs). Wait, isn't that Aladdin University? FIT is #2 thanks to its "rich vegetarian menu" and "world-renowned fashion program," not to mention their work is using the Large Hadron Collider to discover the skinniest particles known to man to create the skinniest jeans. Parsons is #5, probably because the top three can't all be located in New York City.

If you're into self-flagellation, check out the entire list, which includes RISD, Yale, and Georgetown. Yes, that Georgetown. Right now, some kid on M Street is using his Vineyard Vines visor to scrape the vomit off his Rainbows and has NO IDEA how much of a hipster he is.