NYPD Internal Affairs is conducting an investigation into detectives' failure to notice the dead body in a car parked outside their building for over a week, the Harrison Patch reports. Although hundreds of cops go in and out of the Bronx police building every day, it took a detective from Mount Vernon to spot the body of Gizela Andrade, the pregnant woman who was found dead in her car after being missing for 10 days. One NYPD source called the situation a "big embarrassment," and Andrade's family is reportedly "fuming" that there is no surveillance footage showing the vehicle.

"Wow! That's unbelievable!" Andrade's brother-in-law Jason Larson tells the Daily News. "How can they have all those cameras and not one of them sees my sister's car there?" Larson, who identified the body, added that it looked as though she had been decomposing there for ten days. Mount Vernon police say preliminary autopsy reports indicate that Andrade, who had type 1 diabetes, died of an insulin overdose. Police are not looking for a suspect and are treating the case as a suicide.

Andrade, a nanny from Brazil, was reported missing on September 25th after arguing with her boyfriend during a party at her home. The last person to speak with her was her twin sister, who says Andrade told her she was taking a drive to think. Her family was immediately concerned because they believed she left her insulin at home. Now they're reportedly outraged because Mount Vernon police didn't seek permission to check her cell phone and text records until Monday, and they didn't register her as missing in any public missing persons databases. Today the family will mourn her at a memorial service in Mount Vernon, and then send the body back to Brazil.