An unpaid summer intern with the Civilian Complaint Review Board [CCRB] was caught by cops with an illegal gun and a blunt in his apartment yesterday. Cops were called to the East New York apartment of 22-year-old intern Jeffrey Peralta after neighbors reported that there was an emotionally disturbed person inside. It's unclear what Peralta was so upset about (besides being an unpaid intern) but the situation quickly went sideways for him when cops saw him "pacing back and forth while holding a black object in his hand and acting irrationally," the Post reports.

According to police, when they arrived at the apartment, Peralta told them through the window that he was okay but needed an ambulance. Officers replied that they needed to check on him anyway, and an emergency services unit was called to the scene. Upon entering, Peralta was allegedly seen throwing a "black object" out a bathroom window. It was an unregistered .22-caliber handgun. Inside the apartment, cops also found a half-smoked blunt.

Peralta is being held at the 75th Precinct on charges of criminal possession of a weapon and criminal possession of marijuana. According to NYPD records, Peralta was arrested for theft of service and criminal trespass in 2005, and arrested again for menacing, assault and other charges in 2007. And yet the fate of his internship with the Civilian Complaint Review Board is unclear. Spokesman Graham Daw tells the Daily News, "We will look into the facts and take appropriate action after we've done that." But after something like this, we'd be kind of hesitant to ask Peralta to go run out for coffee.