A City Council intern who collapsed during a press conference for mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn this afternoon was forced to wait more than 30 minutes before an ambulance arrived to take her to the hospital—and that's with a personal phone call from Quinn to police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

The 17-year-old intern, who works in the office of Councilwoman Diana Reyna, collapsed around 12 p.m. during a Williamsburg press conference on the Upper East Side waste transfer station. According to several news outlets, the victim was promptly pulled into the shade by Quinn and other staffers, and continued to fade in and out of consciousness for 30 minutes before a volunteer Hatzollah ambulance arrived to take her to Long Island Jewish Hospital.

Quinn, who cancelled the rest of her appearances today, was outraged by the delay—not to mention the fact that help only arrived after the Council Speaker used her connections.

"Over a half an hour for an ambulance to get to a place where a young girl had fainted, was lying on the street, where four TV cameras, at least, the speaker of the City Council and a Councilmember raises a great question—how long it yet takes an ambulance to get anywhere else where there aren't television [CAMERAS] and aren't two elected officials?" Quinn told the Daily News. "It's inexcusable. I do not know what caused this delay."