As longtime advocates of stoop drinking and booze zones, we've long tried to keep an eye out on trends involving open containers. But even if you know the law inside and out—including all the loopholes—you're still liable to be ticketed for drinking in public. So we decided to crunch the 311 numbers over the last two years and figure out where people are actively complaining about drinking in public. And you can see the interactive results below.

Greenpoint, Williamsburg, the Lower East Side, Hamilton Heights, East Harlem and Washington Heights are the worst offenders—on the other hand, almost no one is getting in trouble in Midtown, the Financial District, Red Hook, Dumbo, and the Upper East and West Sides. Since we already know there can be a a historical correlation between public drinking and public urinating (and sometimes only the urinating part is public), we decided to look at public urination complaints too. Below, check out a map with both drinking and urinating complaints combined.

Some conclusions from this comparison: Midtown East and Chelsea have way more urination complaints than drinking ones. Union Square, Greenpoint and Randalls Island are also urinary offenders. It seems like nobody on Staten Island cares about people urinating on their lawns, and same goes for anywhere west of East Flushing.

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Map designed by Aaron Marks