Yesterday WNYC presented a cool map that broke down neighborhoods by most popular dog names and breeds—who knew there were so many dogs named Pepsi (26), but none named Coke?—but in their dogged attempts to catalog the names of their canine overlords, they ignored the most important statistics on dogs available: where they're pooping. Or more specifically, where their owners aren't cleaning up their poop and infuriating their neighbors. But we didn't stop at dog doo; this interactive map shows where New Yorkers are reporting a variety of dog complaints to 311—you can see all the barking, poop, and unleashed dog complaints in the interactive map below:

Some interesting tidbits from the map: Staten Island (and the more suburban parts of the city) love to complain about dogs. Bay Ridge has some serious problems with neighborhood dogs, while the Upper West Side has a lot of unleashed mutts. People in Chelsea and Williamsburg get more annoyed by the barking than any of their neighboring hoods—same for Bushwick, Park Slope, Marine Park and Morris Park. Surprisingly, despite the great Dog Poop War of 2012, there were very few poop complaints in Gramercy Park. But who needs city agencies when you have passive-aggressive notes!

Map designed by Aaron Marks