Hillary takes Manhattan

In NYC we don't always know our neighbors very well, but thanks to data collection we can get a general sense of their political leanings. Renthop has created the below map, which lets you click on any neighborhood to find out which candidates its residents throw the most money at. To create this, the company's "data scientists crunched the numbers from FEC.gov on New York’s campaign contributions"... and what they found will probably not shock you. Here's a little breakdown:

  • Young progressive enclaves like Williamsburg are pushing hard for Bernie—the 11211 zip has donated $30,000 more to his campaign than Hillary's.
  • Ridgewood, Queens is also feelin' the Bern.
  • Wealthy areas are going all in on Hillary—in Brooklyn Heights, where more 0s are attached to the checks, Hillary has received nearly $400,000 more than Bernie.
  • The Upper East Side is more supportive of Hillary than Bernie, whereas the Upper West Side is more evened out in their support for the two.
  • The most Donald Trump seems to have received is $10,537 from the Upper East Side.
  • Most NYC republicans are going for Marco Rubio, who has received his top donations ($106,000 total) from Midtown East.
  • The most generous neighborhood across the board has been the Upper East Side, where residents have contributed to $1.23 million to the candidates.

For more, click around here (tap tap tap and the white space will show you the numbers):