Curious how many people were shot near your apartment in the past year—or how many were shot near an apartment you're considering moving into? A bracing new interactive map lets you type in an address anywhere in America and familiarize yourself with the grim realities of gun violence in your vicinity.

Using data complied by the non-profit, non-partisan Gun Violence Archive, Slate and The Trace have assembled the map, which you can test out here. The data only includes homicides and non-fatal shootings, so there's no way to know how many shots were fired and missed or simply squeezed off into the air. It also omits suicide-related death and injury. But needless to say, it's still sobering.

The current iteration of the map contains 30,920 incidents recorded by the Gun Violence Archive from December 5th, 2014 to December 5th, 2015. Slate and The Trace say they plan to update it every three months with the most recent 12-months’ worth of shootings. They also intend to get more detailed with the shooting info, "adding the ages and genders of the victims to the summary boxes that pop up when you click on a pin, and the option to view layers of economic and demographic data to the map as a whole."