Over seven months ago, RentHop created an interactive map which gave you the general idea of what the political landscape was for any given NYC neighborhood based on political contributions. They've now updated the map once more to see where New Yorkers are leaning with just three weeks until the election—and while the bulk of the city is firmly supporting Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump owns Staten Island (and parts of southern Brooklyn).

Here are a few highlights of the latest study, which are all based FEC campaign disclosures:

  • Hillary Clinton has 27,226 unique donors in NYC (88.8% of active donors)
  • Clinton's strongest zip codes: 11422 (Rosedale), 10452 (Highbridge), 10026 (Central Park North), 11238 (Prospect Heights), 10011 (Chelsea), 11201 (Brooklyn Heights)
  • Trump has the support of 3,258 donors in NYC (10.6% of active donors)
  • Trump's strongest zip codes: 11697 (Breezy Point), 10309 (Pleasant Plains), 11414 (Howard Beach), 10306 (New Dorp), 11228 (Dyker Heights), 10474 (Hunts Point)
  • Clinton leads Trump in 189 Zip Codes across the five boroughs
  • Trump is triumphant over Staten Island, with 534 donors to Clinton's 319, really huge support, tremendous really, nobody has more support on Staten Island
  • But Clinton has almost 95% of donors from Manhattan
  • 81 people in NYC donated to Gary Johnson, and 69 donated to Jill Stein. Please no one donate anymore to Jill Stein, that is the perfect number of donations.

Go ahead and play around with the interactive map below, and find out who YOUR neighbors are supporting.