A 5-year-old boy was killed by a minivan driver who backed into him in Crown Heights earlier this week, making him the 45th person to be killed in traffic crashes so far in 2014. Despite Mayor de Blasio's commitment to reducing traffic fatalities through Vision Zero, 27 pedestrians have been killed already this year. WNYC has now set up an interactive graphic, which you can see below, to keep track of all those deaths.

Of the 45 deaths, 27 were pedestrians, 13 were drivers, three were passengers and two were cyclists. Among their findings from analyzing the incidents: 14 of the 27 pedestrians killed died on busy thoroughfares (ie, 125th Street or Houston—you can see a list of the deadliest intersections here), five of the deaths were caused by city- or state-owned vehicles, and charges were only filed in seven of the deaths.

As we reported earlier this week, the NYPD has increased the overall number of moving violation tickets (which includes speeding, improperly signaling, and talking on cellphone while driving) issued so far in 2014. Last month, 7,702 speeding tickets were written in the five boroughs; in February of 2013, that same figure was 6,495, which makes for approximately a 19% increase. At the same time, there were an alarmingly low number of tickets given out last year—and police have also been paying an inordinate amount of attention to jaywalking this year.